March 6, 2011
Family Concert

Hua-Yi Wang, Violin

Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto 
Brahms Symphony No. 4 in E minor

Return to 2010-11 Season

Bravura Philharmonic Orchestra performing Brahms Symphony No. 4

2nd violin principal Francine Bloom with assistant Constance Kaita in performance

Cello section principal Courtney Kaita leading the fabulous section

A full house audience

Acknowledging a wonderful performance of oboe and bassoon principals

A most lovely violin concerto, the Butterfly Lovers

Legendary violinist and teacher, Hua-Yi Wang performing the Butterfly Lovers

Flower presentation by Hua-Yi Wang’s students

A heartfelt thank you to audience’s enthusiastic reception

Born in China, Hua-Yi Wang graduated from the Central Conservatory in Beijing.  He was a child prodigy, having received scholarships to study violin with Wang Zhi Long and piano with Liu Pei Ying at the age of nine. In two years, Wang became the soloist and the concertmaster of the Junior Orchestra at the Central Conservatory.  In 1958, he was awarded a scholarship to further his music training in Russia.  The trip was cancelled due to the political unrest.  He studied violin, chamber music and composition under the world renowned Maestro Ma Si Cong.  He gave numerous solo recitals, and was also the Concertmaster of the Central Conservatory Orchestra.  Wang graduated with outstanding achievements and became the understudy of the Concertmaster of the National Philharmonic Orchestra (formerly Central Symphony Orchestra) in 1964.  Wang was chosen to participate in the International Schumann Chamber Competition.

During the Cultural Revolution, Wang was persecuted and served in a labor camp for 10 years.  He was stripped of his prior post and was reappointed to the title of the concertmaster of the Children’s Art Theater.  Following the Cultural Revolution, Mr. Wang was reappointed to his original post as the Concertmaster of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of China.

Wang came to the United States in 1985, and received his Masters degree from the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.  He studied violin and chamber music under Isak Vigdorchik and graduated first in his class.  The Director of the program, J. Smith stated that “Mr. Wang is a diligent violinist with magnificent talents…….He will definitely bring honor to the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.”

A highly-respected and dedicated teacher for the last 20 years, Mr. Wang is currently a resident of New Jersey. It is commonly known that more than 15% of the All State Orchestra members studied with him.  His brilliant teaching style is recognized by the Music Teacher National Association (MTNA) and The National Association for Music Education (MENC).